Chad and Sarah Inman Prayer Letter: Thanking God for 40 Salvations and People Helped Even FurtherThank you for praying for the ministries here in Thailand. Our family health is well overall, and we’re very much enjoying serving the Lord. The Nong Phlap church saw 40 people trust in the Lord through the month of November. I was personally involved in 31 of those, at all different times and days of the week. Some of the days, weather wise, are just amazing this time of year. It makes soul winning much more comfortable versus the instant and constant perspiration that usually takes place. With five consecutive big days in October, it was nice to come back into a more normal schedule somewhat as we embark upon December. Please pray for successful big-day Christmas services on December 25 for both churches. Please pray for health protection for our church families, as a lot of sickness comes and goes with the rain and temperature changes. Pray also for our churches and team for good, Godly successes in 2023.

Widows and Fatherless Children Helped

From the requests mentioned in the last prayer letter, thank you to those who helped and prayed for both the orphanage in Burma and also You You, the widowed wife of Kun Korn who is taking care of her five children. For the orphanage, your giving allowed us to nearly double this month what we have normally been able to give. We’re hopeful that the monies will help them not only with food but also with other needs and and/or Christmas. You You was given a generous love offering to help with her family needs. She is only able to work a couple of days a week, making less than $10 a day, so I’m sure she will be comforted through the giving and prayers. Thank you for helping You You.

Junior Church at Nong Phlap

Sarah and Tamalar Kuu do a great job organizing and managing our Junior Church group on Sunday mornings. Please pray for Tamrlakuu, as she is preparing to have her third child this January. Tamalar Kuu and James have been blessed with two boys, Joshua and Joseph. For their third child, prayers were made for a girl, and the baby is a girl! So, they are very excited, trusting the Lord in all of this. Please pray for a safe delivery and for their needs to be met with a larger, growing family.

Wednesday Night Services

We talk a lot about Sunday attendances; and, thankfully, those attendances have continued to be strong throughout the month. Another bright area is our Wednesday night services. We have both an adult discipleship service (I handle this one), along with a Wednesday night kids’ program (Sarah prepares). The attendances have been exceeding 40. It is such a blessing to teach, disciple, and see many helped midweek.

Reaching a Group of Burmese

Burmese workers are oftentimes brought over to Thailand to help with construction projects. The pay is usually better in Thailand, and both the workers and their families can be helped by working projects that last anywhere from 3 to 6 months. Only about 10 minutes from the village or subdivision where we live, a new condominium project is being started. The workers live in very temporary shacks on the edge of the project property. As we drove over on a Tuesday morning, we noticed that no work was happening; however, everyone was sitting in their shacks, with no air conditioning, of course, only a fan. We witnessed to several groups, and 13 people were saved. Praise the Lord! However, two problems were happening . . . well, really three. The workers had not been paid for 40 days. Inside the shacks, I noticed cooking equipment but not very much food, maybe just a little stored in old plastic paint buckets. The second problem was that 6 of the people had been brought over from Burma to work a different project, but after paying the agent who was supposed to set them up with work, he left them, not giving them any work at all. These 6 people were living off the folks that had not been paid for 40 days. All that to say, we had a lot of hungry and concerned people in front of us. Thirteen people heard the Gospel and knew for sure they would be going to Heaven, but they were not really sure about food. As a group, we made a donation to the people, giving them a lot of rice and noodles to help them get through the next few weeks. Just a couple of notes on the situation: some of the shacks, as basic as they were, had little, specially built Buddhist shrines in them (statues, candles, incense, flowers – Problem #3). This program did not help them spiritually or physically, as the shrine didn’t answer their prayers. Rather, the God of Heaven, God the Creator, our God helped them to understand the glory of salvation through His Word. Even more, God’s love and mercy were on display with the food donations. They were helped, and so were we. Please pray for these young Christians to grow in the Lord and to have their needs met. The next time I see a new construction project, I will remember how this group needed the Lord and how we are here to help them.

Grateful to serve,

Bro. Chad Inman & Family

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