Chad and Sarah Inman Prayer Letter: Nong Phlap Church Land – Purchased – Glory to God!God miraculously placed a beautiful piece of land in the hands of the Nong Phlap church on March 20, 2024. In last year’s 2023 Servants’ Conference, an offering was taken up for property purchase to help the church and to honor Bro. & Mrs. Randy Shook for great, Godly servanthood here in Thailand. We rejoiced with this tremendous answer to prayer, fulfilling the true need of the warmhearted, humble church people who weekly overflow our two small buildings. One year later, nearly to the day of the 2024 Servants’ Conference, ideal land was officially purchased. What an amazing work God has done! Thank you for your prayers; thank you for your generous giving. So many servants of God were involved. Everyone at the International Baptist Church of Nong Phlap thanks you for loving God and putting your heart here in Thailand souls! We look forward to all that God will do through a faithful, obedient group of servants who love the Lord.

Nong Phlap Land Specifics: It is 2.04 acres, directly off a quality road, exactly 1 kilometer from a well-known school, and a 4-minute drive from our current Nong Phlap church. The land is roughly 180 feet wide and 492 feet deep, with good drainage and beautiful trees: teakwood, mango, banana, papaya, and coconut. It has a nice breeze, is quiet, and is a perfect place for God’s people to meet. The immediate area is mostly farming, with a few residences. The 2.04 acres is more than enough space to accommodate big days and future growth. (Christmas 2023 saw 483 in attendance, while Christmas 2024 saw 607 in attendance.) The size and access of the land give great flexibility and the ability to do much for God now and deep into the future.

Next Steps for the Land: The land, up till now, has been rented to farmers for many years. We need to give two to three months of time for the crops (tomatoes and cucumbers) to be harvested and/or plants to be moved to other land. This is in adherence to Thailand law. During this time, we can begin cleaning up the unfarmed areas. This July, we will look towards a deep clean of the entire land.

The Nong Phlap Building Fund: We invite you to prayerfully consider giving towards the Nong Phlap building projects: (1) Land clearing and preparation, (2) electric and water hookup (excellent access already), and (3) two service buildings adjoined with courtyard and restrooms: a service building for our children, Sunday school, Junior Church, and nurseries and a second service building for adults, Sunday school, services, and more. Both buildings do not need to be enclosed to start, rather more like large, open-air pavilions allowing for rooms within. It’s a simple plan that allows for growth and flexibility. If you can pray and/or give, our dear people and their children would thank you for many years to come. You can send your donation to FBMI, #6480 “Nong Phlap”, 507 State Street, Hammond, IN 46320 or give online at, Fund: Nong Phlap 6480.

Today, April 10, 2024: We saw a third neighbor of the new land trust in Jesus for his salvation. Kun Oat, a 67-year-old farmer who grew up there, listened carefully as we gave a full presentation of the Gospel. He and his wife, Kun Sompong, listened as they watered the basil plants and coconut trees next door. The farmers we have met in Nong Phlap are good, hardworking people. They are not used to meeting strangers or having these strangers tell them new things. There has to be a level of trust or simply the power of the Holy Spirit for them to be open and accepting on a first meeting. God’s power was evident today as Kun Oat listened, then backed away a little, kept listening, and then fully humbled himself and asked Jesus to save him. Sometimes you just don’t see it coming. I love it! God is so great! Please pray for his wife, Kun Sompong. She is a kind, fiery lady who was just not yet ready to turn her heart to the Lord. Oat and Sompong have two children who live in the area. Pray that they would be saved also.

March was loaded up with blessings. The land was purchased, a navigation of tricky hurdles and legalities involving many people, but with a very cooperative seller. The morning of the land survey (Tuesday), there were 2 saved and another baptized. Nong Phlap soul winning saw 48 souls saved in March. Sunday attendances ranged between 120 and 151. Wednesday attendances were between 45 and 60. Two of our church members were married. Last week, 50 children, ages 7-12, attended a 4-day Bible English Camp, where all were taught the Bible, salvation, and English. An ATV-riding youth activity, teaching and encouraging 18 teenagers from both churches, took place yesterday. My work permit has been approved for 2 more years. We have much to thank God for here. Thank you for your prayers for us! We need them.

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Bro. Chad Inman