Chad and Sarah Inman Prayer Letter: Miraculous Fundraising and Precious Souls SavedFriday, March 24, began like any other Friday. Our team had finished men’s prayer meeting around 9:30 a.m., and Star and I were in the truck, heading out to go soul winning, when I received a phone call telling us that an incredible amount of money had been raised for the Nong Phlap church! We’ve outgrown our current rented facilities, and we’ve been praying and asking for your prayers for land. It is estimated that $70,000 was raised at the Servants’ Conference in Hammond, Indiana. Wow and Amen! These monies, added to what the church here has already raised, should allow us to purchase this much-needed property. Pong, Star, and I, along with all of our church families, are overwhelmed with joy and gratitude at this amazing happening. We thank you, and we thank God! We also thank Bro. Randy Shook, the man of God honored at the Servants’ Conference for his years of service. Bro. Randy not only reached many people here with the Gospel, but he also began the Nong Phlap church plant in 2017. We miss Bro. & Mrs. Randy Shook. They set a beautiful example of joy, encouragement, and hard work. In June of 2020, IBC-Nong Phlap transitioned to full autonomy, offering three weekly services, children’s programs, and multiple soul-winning times throughout the week. With more people, the rented space quickly doubled in size, adding another building bay. The first Christmas service in 2020, God brought 385 people in attendance (we had multiple services). It looked like a public festival in front of the church. In our third Christmas service in 2022, God brought 483 people to attend (we used a nearby park pavilion with multiple services). We marvel at what God has done through church membership, baptisms, salvations, and just a sweet spirit throughout the church. We thank God for the abundance, the protections, and the victories upon so many obstacles and oppositions. We choose to live on the side of encouragement, focusing on the positive and on the important work God would have us to do. All of us here on Team Thailand, along with everyone at the International Baptist Church of Nong Phlap, thank you for your prayers and the blessed giving towards the church land and building. This “God Event” will stay with us for a long time. We will pray hard and work hard to put together a property for the ministry, geared to give the Gospel, teaching souls to serve and continually preach the Word of God, long beyond our earthly lives. Thank you and praise the Lord, perpetually!

On that same morning, Star and I were able to see 4 more souls find salvation. The first man, Lek, age 69, was born in Hua Hin and worked for the government maintenance division. We found him just outside the government building, getting ready to walk back in. There in the parking lot, Lek wanted to know more about what the Bible says about Heaven. We stood in a shaded area for some time relaying the good news. Lek wanted Jesus to save him. A short time later, we met Dtaap, a 66-year-old taxi driver, near the train station. I had spoken to Dtaap years ago during another soul-winning time. That day, way back when, he was open but distracted with business opportunities and coworkers who kept interrupting our conversation. On this particular morning, Dtaap had time to listen, but again, we were distracted by a coworker who just did not want us to give the Gospel. Through prayer, tact, and persistence, Dtaap was able to hear a complete presentation of the Gospel, and he readily received salvation. Using our tracts, which have our phone numbers, internet data, and a clear map with service times, we invited him to attend church and grow in his faith. Dtaap was very happy. On a hidden street nearby, we met Noi, an 80-year-old grandma who was just sitting at her door. Her house was not much, but she had been living there her entire life. She had never heard the Gospel before, but at 80 years of age, she was able to hear the good news—as clear as a bell. She was so excited and very willing to pray and ask Jesus to save her. Thanking God, we were really glad for her. Walking back through a busy area, many foreigners were eating breakfast in an outdoor restaurant. I have English tracts, which I politely set down in front of the men as they ate. One of the groups saw me coming and gave me the look of “Don’t you dare give me something!” I’m thinking to myself, You need this more than anything. Just steps away from these resistant foreigners was a man sitting on some steps. He looked so sad; I thought he was about to cry. Golf, age 35, had been struggling to find work. Here was a man who needed hope. We stopped and gave him a Gospel tract. When he saw it was a church, his whole facial expression changed. He listened attentively to the Gospel and, upon salvation, was nearly in tears and hugging Star and me. This is not normal in Thai culture, but he was so thankful. Golf’s first thoughts were of his family and friends, and he asked for more tracts so he could share the good news with them. Golf had a total reversal, going from depression to hope and joy. What a great God we serve!

Going forward, please pray for Golf, Noi, Dtaap, and Lek to grow in the Lord. Please also pray for the additional 37 souls that were saved through the personal soul winning of the Nong Phlap church this month. Pray for the Burmese orphanage, caretakers, and children, who are on the run from militant hostility again. Pray for Team Thailand and our church families—for their health, employment, and care during the hot days of the hot season. We are strengthened with your prayers and encouragements. May the Lord bless your month of April 2023.

Grateful to serve,

Bro. Chad Inman & Family