Chad and Sarah Inman Prayer Letter: Great Spirit in the Services – Souls SavedGreetings to you from the warm confines of Thailand. We are in the rainy season now, so things are switching from desert to rain forest. Just about everything or anything will grow when you set it outside. Thank you for your prayers, notes, and support and for just generally wanting God to shine through the people of Thailand. The Nong Phlap church land project is moving closer towards a purchase. We at IBC-Nong Phlap and Team Thailand thank you many times for those who have sacrificially given to this big need. If God would have you to give, please place the words “Nong Phlap Land #6480” in the memo line. Monies that are given beyond the price of the land will go towards excavation, utility hookups, and church buildings.

July and August saw many joyous salvations and exciting church services. Just last week, our attendance exceeded 130 souls, with 5 first- time visitors, using all of the outdoor equipment, speakers, tent, etc. It was not a big day; there were no promotions or special speakers—just a regular, happy Sunday. Our Wednesday night service (last night, at the time of this writing) saw 46 souls attend, with 3 first-time visitors. We are learning about Christian service and love. I love how the Bible tells us in Ephesians 2:10 that after our salvation, we are designed by God to do good works. This is the sweet spot where we are the happiest. When we don’t occupy our mind enough on “doing good,” following or walking with God, discontentment or dissatisfaction can roll in. What a simple, powerful truth that this world tries to blind us from and rob us of.

Sarah and I happily celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. God gave me the best one. Sarah and I also rejoice and are excited for our kids: Harmony, starting high school; Autumn, 7th grade; and Forest, 5th grade. Our kids have taken well to school, and we want to balance them with ministry, exercise, work, and other areas that make life special. Our kids spend time with the Lord every morning, and we as a family have family devotion time every night, where we read the Bible, pray together, ask questions, tell stories, and discuss life. We live in a safe community, with peaceful, helpful neighbors. God is good! We recently took a new family picture, which can be found here.

To God be the glory, IBC-Nong Phlap saw 40 souls saved in July and August. Thank you for your prayers, and thank the Lord for His saving power! Several of these salvations are from people coming to the church for the first time, often invited by a friend or family member. We take a window of time after the service and explain the Gospel, give Bible materials, and encourage their church attendance to grow in the Lord and be around helpful believers. We also follow up and pray for them at their houses. On many occasions, this leads to meeting a neighbor, a friend, or a family member who might be visiting. One of our faithful families was being given a hard time for going to church on Sunday and missing a few hours of work. Many construction companies work seven days a week here. The family simply wanted to go to church at least a couple of Sundays a month. The boss refused, so they left that boss and went to their old boss, who happily employed them and is allowing them to come to church every Sunday. This required the family to move a short distance away. As a result, many of their new neighbors were given the Gospel and got saved. The boss’s daughter and the boss were also both graciously saved. The boss’s family owns several plots of land nearby, which could be potentially used for our church, if it is the Lord’s will.

Sarah had a special salvation experience: I met Yai (age 85) and her daughter Dteeow (age 65) while out soul winning. These ladies live way out and had never heard of the Gospel or Jesus. When I told them that God had made a way for them to have their sins forgiven and have a home in Heaven, Yai got up and came to sit next to me. They listened as I shared God’s plan of salvation. When I told of what Jesus had done for them, Yai began to wipe tears from her eyes. Both ladies placed their faith in Christ that day. Yai, after praying, asked wistfully, “What is Heaven like?” What a joy it was to share with this fragile, elderly lady, as she smiled from ear to ear, about the new Home waiting for her.

Thank you again for all you do for the Lord. Please pray for these dear people, the families involved, and optimal church land.

Grateful to serve,

Bro. Chad Inman & Family