Chad and Sarah Inman Prayer Letter:  Carrying Onward and ForwardIt is a pleasure to write to you from the warm climate of Thailand. Thank you for praying for us, our team, and our churches. We have some good things to share. Specifically, with the Nong Phlap church, we were blessed to have two Sundays with attendances exceeding 140 people in May. Our church members have brought first-time visitor, and some of those who were led to the Lord out soul winning have also found our Sunday and Wednesday services. Every week in May, the church saw first-time visitors. For the Nong Phlap land and church building project, we thank you very much for your continued generous giving. Rainy season will begin soon, allowing us to see how some of the potential land plots will drain and handle the heavy Nong Phlap rains. We remain optimistic, thankful, and diligent towards locating land, allowing for a larger-scale operation to accommodate our people and further the Gospel throughout our regions and beyond.

Our Teaching All Nations discipleship program continues into Lesson #38, “Suffering Caused by Fruitlessness.” With church members’ varying work schedules, those who are not able to attend in person are able to keep up with the teaching online via the posted videos and the physical learning packets. In the month of May, 14 souls were saved out soul winning.

One of the souls saved, a 75-year-old lady named Panom, was met at the outside gate of a friend’s house. Both of these ladies were very kind, and it seemed, as Star and I presented the Gospel, that the lady inside the gate, Panom’s friend, appeared to be listening the best. However, there was loud music playing from a nearby temple that made listening more difficult. At one point, Panom interrupted us so she could ask some questions to her friend. We patiently waited for them to chat, and when they were done, the loud music stopped. We continued on with the Gospel, but now, it was Panom who listened with intent. She was so happy to hear the Gospel and openly accepted, praying and asking Jesus to save her. We gave her the books of John and Romans. It was a moment of rejoicing, and I couldn’t help thinking that you just never know how it’s going to go when the Gospel is presented. Immediately upon Panom’s salvation, the loud music started again—Divine timing. Please pray for Panom and her friend, as we will follow up.

In the last prayer letter, we wrote about the family that escaped the flooding/slavery situation. We mentioned that Lopway, a faithful church member, had helped the family gain employment. Lopway sadly fell very sick for a couple of weeks in May. We visited her, prayed, and offered some remedies to help her through the sickness. When we finished, we talked with the neighbors and then even some extended neighbors whom we had not met before. One of those was Montree, age 57, who had never heard the Gospel before. Her husband kept angrily interrupting us, but he eventually stayed inside the house, while his wife Montree was sweetly saved. A few doors down, Sarah and our two girls spent time with Noi, age 70. She wanted very much to listen to and accept the Gospel. All that to say, one of our sick church members, who is fully recovered now, brought the Gospel to two nearby neighbors in the depths of her sickness. Amen and thank You, Lord!

Sarah had a very good friend, Stephanie Flesher, come visit for about two weeks. Sarah was sick during part of the time but was well enough in the last week to allow us to show Stephanie more around the area and spend time with our church people. Our children all had their birthdays in the past 25 days—Harmony is now 14, Autumn is 12, and Forest is 10. They thank you for the kind birthday notes and cards. Our kids have a little over one month to go on their Abeka homeschooling. Once completed, we will break for three weeks and then go right into the next grades (9, 7, & 5). We praise the Lord for the schooling God has provided. We began teaching in person again at our English language school, Premier Language School. We enjoy teaching Saturday mornings and having a good influence on our students, many whom are our church children, another ministry opportunity we use to receive and grow people in our community.

The month of May had a lot of spikes, ups and downs, with very hot temperatures, but we rejoice in all of the good things God has done and will do. In June, we look forward to Bro. Mark Bosje visiting us with a group of saints from First Baptist Church of Hammond. We wish you all a happy, enjoyable summertime there. You can view more pictures here.

Sincerely your friends in the Lord,

Bro. Chad Inman & Family