Brian and Liesl George Prayer Letter: God Is Blessing!Pastor Owens was in recovery at home for seven weeks. It was a very slow recovery to regain his strength! On the 27th of August, he was able to preach via prerecorded video. Two weeks later, he was at church preaching, praise the Lord! Thank you for praying for Pastor Owens’ recovery! We are very grateful!

On the 24th of August, I was able to travel to Asuncion, Paraguay, to preach at a Missions Conference at Pastor Mario Rodriguez’s church. This is the first time I was able to go to Paraguay and spend a few days. I preached hard and was teaching the church about Faith Promise giving! Their Faith Promise giving increased, and they are planning to take on two new missionaries! Praise the Lord! Pastor Mario Rodriguez has a passion for souls and wants to see Paraguay reached with the Gospel! I was just able to print 100,000 full-color Gospel tracts and give them to Pastor Mario Rodriguez! Pray for Paraguay! Please consider a visit to Paraguay.

Almost a year ago on the 8th of August, somebody broke into our house. We left for the USA for a furlough and had one of our pastors, Matias Días, and his family stay at our house. Pastor Dias swas going to move in the next day. That night, our house was broken into. They broke our back door and went through the house looking for anything of value. Since I was in the USA, we could not find out what was stolen since we left our valuables in a back room under lock and key. Pastor Días said that they stole our electric oven, gas tubes, and some clothing items that belonged to his family! Just a month ago, I was able to find out what was stolen from the locked back room: all my power tools (drill, sander, circular saw, chain saw, all of my hand tools, toolbox, and digital camera). This is a great loss to us, but we are doing good. God is good all the time. We are in His hands! These items will be replaced eventually, and we rejoice in God’s goodness toward us. I was just able to install double steel doors on the house. I’m praying that I will make the right decision about the security of our house!

Just recently, I was able to lead Luisa to Christ. She was confused; she had been going to the Catholic church all of her life. Now, I am working on her entire family. Her brother Ernesto come to church this past Sunday for the first time. Luisa has eight children! Please pray!

Bro. James Belisle was able to preach for us and teach in our Bible college for a week. We had a great time together. I thank God for this servant of God, who has been a tremendous help to us in the work here. He has been coming to visit us once a year for the last 19 years. Praise the Lord!

Thank you for your love and support. May God bless you richly!

Here to serve,

Brian R. George and Family