Brian and Liesl George Prayer Letter:  Getting Ready to Return to the FieldOn the 16th of March, I was able to lead Jean, who was from Brazil, to Christ while out soul winning with Bro. Bill and Bro. Steve Epley. Jean does not speak English, but he does speak Portuguese fluently. I witnessed to him in Spanish, and he was able to understand. He traveled by bus up to Mexico and crossed the border into San Diego this past January. He had been in Iowa City, Iowa, for a few weeks looking for work. He and his wife were expecting twins. His talent is that he knows how to play the piano. I gave him a shirt to encourage him to come to church because he said he didn’t have anything to wear. His wife speaks French fluently. I was not able to lead her to Christ, but with the help of The Gospel Film (in French) by Bro. Caleb Garraway, she was led to Christ. This family has been coming faithfully to church for the past two months. They go to the French class during Sunday school and afterwards to the Spanish service. Their twins were born just recently!

On April 1, we were able to go to the Spiritual Warfare Conference in Fort Dodge, Iowa, hosted by Pastor Marvin Smith III. We were able to go as a family. We received a lot of good training on being IN Christ and the war against the flesh. It was very good teaching, and it was a great encouragement to our family! I decided to do further studies in this area of spiritual warfare. Harvest Baptist College is offering a master’s degree in spiritual warfare. I was able to sign up and pay for this course in full. I will be getting this further education to help my life, my family, and our church in Argentina. There is a lot of in-depth study ahead of me to finish this degree. By faith, I will finish it sooner rather than later!

My mother, Margaret George, in is a nursing home in Bonham, Texas. She was having some complications and was admitted to a local hospital. On April 9, we were able to drive to Texas. When I arrived at the hospital to visit her, she recognized me immediately. Praise the Lord! She is 84 years old and has a poor memory. I was able to talk to her for a while. She was very talkative, but I was not able to understand everything she said. For the next few days, we visited her in the hospital, and then they transferred her back to her nursing home. Thank you for your prayers for my mom!

My and my wife’s health are doing a lot better. Praise the Lord! We are excited to announce that we are going back to Argentina on the 21st of June. In just a few more weeks, we will be back serving in Argentina. We greatly appreciate your love and support.

Here to serve,

Brian R. George and Family