Ben and Becky Turner Prayer Letter: God Is Trustworthy Today and Every Day He Gives Us!I am sorry for the delay in getting a new prayer/praise letter out to you. More than likely, you know that I have been experiencing several different health issues. My health concerns started back in June but were not fully addressed until early in the morning on September 14. By fully addressed, I mean, Becky said, “We are going to the ER now!” That trip to the ER ended up in a two-week stay in the hospital. While there, the doctors discovered a 3-centimeter brain mass on the clivus bone, as well as an inflammatory issue called sarcoidosis. A neurosurgeon went in through my right nostril and up into the brain to remove a portion of the mass. There were no complications during or after the procedure! The mass was determined to be cancerous. It appears the inflammatory issue has caused severe neuropathy to my lower legs. (These symptoms are why I went to the hospital in the first place.) As of today, I need a walker to help me keep my balance and to get around.

Tomorrow, I am being fitted with a mask that I will wear during radiation therapy. The radiologist is recommending 20 treatments of radiation, which will be given Monday through Friday for four weeks. Please pray for the treatments to be effective and that the cancer would not spread anywhere else. I was told there is a 67% chance of it being found elsewhere within the next 10 years. Thankfully, neither you nor I need to be concerned about 2033. God is trustworthy today and every day He gives us! Please also pray for the restored use of my legs. God is faithful!

While in the hospital, God gave Becky and me many opportunities to speak to people about the hope we find in the Lord Jesus Christ. The day of my brain surgery, Becky shared the Gospel with Ivy. God literally brought Ivy right to where Becky was waiting for my post-operation arrival. Ivy bowed her head and called on the Lord Jesus to save her. It was a very special moment. We also met a dear Christian man named Phil. He is in his 90s and was on the same floor as I was. He has stayed in contact with us and has attended church at Anchor the last two Sunday nights. There are numerous other seeds that God graciously allowed us to sow. Please pray for eternal fruit for God’s glory!

The Farsi Bible Study continues to meet every Sunday afternoon, with a really strong base of people faithfully attending. This coming Sunday, Mansoureh is planning to be baptized. She got saved back in August and has been faithfully attending the morning service and the Farsi Bible Study. This past Saturday afternoon, Fahara heard the Gospel and was gloriously saved!

We are continuing to see visitors attend the services of Anchor Baptist Church. It is a miracle of God, as we continue to meet in two different locations. Last Sunday, Rochelle visited our morning service. She was brought to church by a friend. That same friend shared the Gospel with her after the service, and Rochelle received Jesus Christ as Saviour!

Thank you for praying so much for our family! Thank you for being so kind and thoughtful! To God be ALL the glory!!

The Turners
Ben, Becky, and Emma