Tommy and Emily Ashcraft Prayer LetterThere is so much for which we are thankful as we look back over last year and look forward to this new year. We thank God for you, knowing that you pray for us. Thank you for making it financially possible for us to serve God as He leads us.

In 2022, we were part of Missions and Leadership Conferences in 52 churches in 47 cities, 29 states, and 4 countries. We are grateful for the health and strength God has given us for our work.

We finished 2022 teaching a Bible Doctrine modular course for my good friend, Dr. Elmer Fernandez, in Fires of Evangelism Institute in Bartlett, Illinois. The Lord willing, I will teach a modular course in our own Mount Hebron Bible Baptist Institute in February. The subject will be Homiletics. Please pray that God will use the teaching to help young preachers develop their skills in preaching the Word of God.

Emily’s Spanish is improving to the point that she has been able to teach ladies’ sessions in our conferences. She has a world of experience and knowledge that needs to be used. Please pray for her as she continues to work on her language skills.

Our grandson and his wife, Daniel and Megan Gonzalez, and our two great-grandsons, Lionel and Luca, spent time with us over the Christmas break. They are on deputation preparing to go to El Salvador to work with Daniel’s dad, Henry Gonzalez. Please pray for them as they travel and visit churches. God has opened many doors for them. You can contact us if you would like for them to present their work in your church.

Please pray as work continues on the recovery of ministry property. Criminal elements have illegally occupied it with the intention of selling property that was purchased with the sacrificial giving of God’s people. We are trusting God for a victory. Please pray for this to come to a prompt and positive conclusion.

Sunday night, January 8, Pastor Jonathan gave us a review of the results of 2022 for Mount Hebron Baptist Church and announced goals for 2023. There were 8,491 people reached with the Gospel and 612 who followed the Lord in baptism. An average of 77 church members took part in weekly soul-winning programs. We are currently supporting 88 missionaries, and the goal is to increase that number to 100 this year.

Classes have begun in Mount Hebron Bible Baptist Institute, with new students enrolling. Thank you for contributing to the preparation of these wonderful young people for the Gospel ministry.

When we are in town, we go out with the Thursday evening soul-winning program. We have had very good results in witnessing to people. Last Sunday morning, a couple we led to Christ recently was in church. Praise the Lord! When we visit other churches, we participate in their soul-winning programs. When possible, we go to areas where there is a concentration of Spanish-speaking people.

We have a prayer request. Our 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe has been very dependable. However, it is beginning to show its age and mileage. Please pray that God would give us wisdom as we seek His will concerning the purchase of another vehicle.

Please send us your email address if you would allow us to send you our prayer letters by email.

Thank you again for your prayers and for your support.

Bro. Tommy and Emily Ashcraft