Andrew and Laura Steers Prayer Letter:  A Spiritual Battle with Only One Victory in Mind--Jesus“Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.” (Isaiah 41:10)

When trials and tribulations come into each of our lives, how do most of us react? Hopefully, there is not a person who reads this prayer letter who would do nothing short of looking unto our Saviour for help each time! He is, after all, the greatest of all causes. But what are each of us doing to proclaim Him to the lost of this world?

Praise God, albeit most of the past two months has left both Laura and me with seemingly insurmountable health challenges, half of which was a bad case of the flu that seemed to take weeks to overcome (a test for COVID proved negative, amen), we have still managed to get out to knock on doors.

Our hearts ache for Jason, who is married but living estranged from his wife and children. We have mentioned prayer for him in previous letters. Knocking on their front door, his wife answered. Explaining the circumstances, tears came to her eyes, longing for her husband to return home. Another is Johnny, whom we met recently. He loves working on used vehicles, and he proudly showed off his equipment and the cars he was working on for customers who called upon his obvious talent. Finally getting to spiritual matters, it quickly became apparent that the spirit he had was not of the Lord, due to claiming his own religion. Cory, on the other hand, was very open to the Gospel, though did not have time to talk when we knocked on his door. However, he left an opportunity open for us to return in coming weeks to speak to him about the Gospel.

Prayer Requests

1. Johnny has some demons to overcome. Please pray for wisdom in approaching him in coming visits. His life represents the front line of the spiritual battle that is pervading our world.
2. When we first met Jason and his wife, Laura and I assumed the best. Happy for me to present the Gospel sitting at his dining room table, he declined to accept Christ at that time. Please pray that we can catch the entire family at home to be the witness we need to be.
3. Cory is a busy young man but happy for us to return for another visit. Please pray that we not only catch him at home to challenge him with the Gospel, but that he will make time to visit with us at church.
4. Please keep praying for a miracle for Laura to overcome her battle with breast cancer. There are no more options in chemotherapies available. Though bone-strengthening and another treatment appear to have helped some, the cancer has not retreated. Indications are that it is spreading, along with increased pain and fatigue. Natural alternatives have helped in every other way, except fight the cancer.

There is no greater Truth for any Christian to proclaim but the Gospel message of Christ Jesus. True, the battles, the trials, and other tribulations continue to come. Accept that these are mere tests from the Lord to prove us. How are you doing today?
Thank you again for your ongoing prayers and co-labor of support. Old Smutty Face knows his time is getting short, which probably explains in part why the pursuit of the lost of this world is all the more imperative.

In the service of our King,

Andrew L. Steers