Oral and Alicia Anderson Prayer Letter: Church UpdateDaniel’s Visit

It has been a year since we saw our oldest son off to college. We are a close-knit family and, therefore, have been missing him. A few weeks ago, he was able to return home for a two-week visit. We were so happy to see him, especially since he came right in time to help us with Vacation Bible School!

Vacation Bible School

This year’s Vacation Bible School was the first since the pandemic began. It wasn’t as attended as previous years, but the results were great, nonetheless. On the last day of VBS, we tallied 10 children who had made professions of faith! Please pray that the Lord will open the doors as we try to reach their parents as well. A few new children and a grandmother have been added to our church attendance as a result of Vacation Bible School. Thank the Lord!

COVID-19 Measures

We are thankful that the lockdowns and restrictions are pretty much non-existent now, yet in regards to the health of the church, we still crave your prayers. Some folks are not as eager to return to “face to face” church services when they have grown so accustomed to watching online services in their pajamas from the comforts of home.

Wedding Bells

In the last few months, I have had the opportunity to officiate two weddings. Both couples have been together for a while but wanted to do right and honor God by getting married. One of the couples has been attending church for a while, so as their pastor, I could not be happier for them. The other couple are not members of our church, but I am praying that one day they will be.

House Hunting

Our landlord gave us very short notice that he needed the apartment where we have been living for seven-plus years. We thought that finding a new place would have been relatively easy, but we were surprised to find it wasn’t so. Since the COVID pandemic, the price for rent has pretty much tripled. Landlords are also finding that operating their apartments as Airbnbs is much more lucrative and a lot less hassle, and they are less inclined to long-term rentals.

After three months of praying and searching, we finally found an apartment! We should be moving into it by the end of September. I am afraid, however, that our new landlord will soon want to join the Airbnb bandwagon also. We have acquired a plot of land on which we would like to build a house. Please pray for us as we venture into this uncharted territory.

Soul-Winning Experience

A few days ago, while scouting our future neighborhood, I met a lady in her mid-60s. After chitchatting with her for a while, I turned the conversation to her eternal destiny. Meagan listened with intent. After making a profession of faith, she declared that in the 32 years she had been a member of a church, this was her first time hearing and understanding the Gospel! Thank the Lord for the illumination of the Holy Spirit!

Thank you for your friendship and partnership. You make our workload lighter!

“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.” (Revelation 22:21)

The Oral Anderson Family