Adam and Karen DePaolis Prayer Letter:  A Busy SummerWe trust that all has been well with you. We had a busy summer here. In the month of July, we had the opportunity to see 6 young people graduate from our Christian school, 5 of whom have now entered our Bible institute. The Bible institute as well celebrated its 15th year of training young people for the ministry, with 2 couples and 3 young ladies graduating this year. At the end of July, we held our annual Music Camp. This year we had the privilege of hosting about 150 teenagers from the area and other parts of Mexico for a week of music classes and Godly preaching. We rejoice in the fact that many decisions were made to serve the Lord, and several others accepted Christ as their Saviour.

August was a chance for us to spend some time together as a family. With the school, institute, and other ministry responsibilities, this was the first real opportunity that we’d had to take a short break since our daughter was born. We would like to take a moment to thank all of you who have prayed for us. We are so grateful for you all and have definitely felt your prayers. It has been a time of adjustment and change, but never have we been more aware of the blessings and goodness of God than in these past few months.

The month of September brought us back into the busyness of the ministry. We saw the starting of a new school year. Praise the Lord, the Bible institute has its largest freshman class to date, with 17 new students. This year I have the privilege of teaching Old Testament Survey to this group. As a church, we held our Fall Campaign this month. Many were saved, and we had quite a few visitors during the campaign. Personally, I had the opportunity to see 3 souls saved This past week, one of them, Santiago, visited our church for the first time, and he brought his wife, Amalia, who has yet to accept Christ, with him. In total throughout the campaign, there were 14 visitors who came all 4 weeks from the beginning until the end of the campaign.


Adam DePaolis
Missionary to Mexico
Philippians 1:6

PS. We ask that you help us to pray that God would provide us with a vehicle.

PPS. Please continue to pray for our visa situations and that God would provide the necessary funds to do so. (Karen has her appointment scheduled for March 2023, and I have now started the process of getting my Mexican residency.)