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Missionary #6501 Prayer Letter: Welcome Home!

Missionary #6501 Prayer Letter: Welcome Home!The first time I ever visited the Muslim country in which I am now privileged to serve, we left its most prominent city of about fifteen million behind, headed by ferryboat towards its fourth-largest city (with a population of roughly three million). We landed in a mid-sized port town, and I was overtaken by its beauty. As I gazed upon the mountains and the relatively calm sea, I felt like God spoke words to my heart: “Welcome to your new home.” That was almost twenty years ago. We have been serving in this country for ten years now, but as of this week, we live in that port community. Please bear in mind that our team has not changed locations, my family merely moved out of a house and into an apartment about fifteen minutes away—but that apartment happens to be in the port town where the ferryboats land. In fact, we can now take in the vista of the sea from our own balcony. The move was necessitated by immigration issues. We had three families denied visas inside a couple of months of each other, and we moved into the apartment of one of those families to hold it for them until they return from the States. Pray that God does a mighty work allowing all of our team to stay, if He is willing.

Welcome to the Family

In less than two weeks, our family will also be Stateside, but only for a matter of days. We are coming at this time primarily to attend the wedding of our son B___ to J___ M___. We are so thankful that God’s providence has brought these two together, and we want to be there to welcome J___ to the family in person. During our very short stay, I will be in two I___ churches; one church in W___, I___; and another in T___, C___. Please pray for traveling mercies and a safe return.

Welcome to the Family of God

Among those saved recently was a retired colonel. He lives near where Paul the Apostle grew up. He is a very respected man and started sharing his new faith immediately. Another who recently trusted Christ was a walking ecumenical movement. I had never met anyone like her. Her mother was Jewish, her father is Catholic, her husband is Muslim, and she has been coming to our services without missing for the last six weeks or so. She loves our services, but pray for her, as there is still some confusion in her mind, as you can well imagine. By the way, while she is one who comes in person, we are having people attend our services online from far and wide.

Welcome Home

I just learned that my dear friend, P___ P___, went to be with Jesus. He and I traveled many journeys together. He was such a faithful soul winner. I guess when he last heard God say, “Welcome Home,” it was for eternity. Pray for those who love and miss him.

Missionary #6501

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