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Missionary #6501 Prayer Letter: Team Eurasia Coming and Going

Missionary #6501 Prayer Letter: Team Eurasia Coming and GoingRecent Team Travels

Part of our team has been traveling to a city several hours south of us and helping a pastor there with special meetings. The pastor himself was raised Muslim before coming to Christ, and God is blessing his ministry. As I recall, eleven precious souls were saved during these meetings. One of our team families has temporarily returned to Mexico, where they are attempting to raise additional support. This family has been with us about eight years, and during that time, they have added two children. In addition to family growth, the country in which we serve is experiencing runaway inflation. Please pray for them as they travel, and let me know if your church could help them. They hope to return in about a month.

My wife and I traveled to nearby Greece recently on a multipurpose trip. Not only were we celebrating our thirty-fifth anniversary, but we were also taking advantage of an opportunity to see our son, who is in military service. While spending time with him, we got to visit Thessalonica and Philippi. We have been blessed to visit many of the sites discussed in the New Testament.

Just a few days ago, I returned from Germany. As many of you will no doubt recall, my family and I spent a little over twenty years ministering there. Going back, these fifteen years later, was so rewarding. I got to preach in a couple of churches led by those we formerly influenced and also got to visit with several of the people I once pastored. I was asked specifically to teach and preach on soul winning and missions. I also got to visit with a supporting pastor there, who has, for many years, been one of my dearest friends.

Upcoming Team Travels

As the one team family returns from Mexico, another is heading that way. Their son will be getting married, and another son is going off to Bible college. Pray also that this family will be able to raise additional support before they return. Things are getting expensive here so much faster than in the States. For example, when we first came, we spent 400 of this nation’s currency per week to buy groceries for our family of 15. Now our family is less than half that size, and we spend 6,000 per week. The dollar exchange rate has helped somewhat to offset this increase, but half of our team is supported in pesos.

Speaking of sons getting married, another of our own sons has gotten engaged to a Godly young lady. They are planning a wedding for late June, so it is likely that my family and I will be Stateside briefly this summer. Please contact us if you are hoping for a meeting. Keep in mind that we will only be staying a couple of weeks altogether.

Continue to pray as both our witnessing opportunities and mentoring opportunities expand. The church and the Internet ministries are growing as well. We are thrilled to be your voice, especially to the Muslim world. We could not do it were it not for your faithful prayers and support.

Missionary #6501

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