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Nick and Beth Watt Prayer Letter: Exciting Opportunity!

Nick and Beth Watt Prayer Letter: Exciting Opportunity!Thank you for your continued support for our family and our ministry here in Wanganui. We have never been fully supported missionaries, but today we have been blessed with the most support ever. This is amazing and such a relief!

Building News—Exciting Opportunity!

The building that we have been leasing for the last three years is going on the market. We have two more years on our contract and the right to another five years if we chose. Buying the building is a very real possibility, but we need to move quickly to put in an offer. Aside from monthly support (and even for that most of the time), I have always been hesitant to make appeals for financial needs, but on this occasion, I feel a bit bolder. Allow me to outline our circumstances.

1. We currently pay NZ$20,000 (US$12,289) per year on our lease.
2. There are 21 months left on the lease, which equates to approximately NZ$35,000 (US$21,505).
3. We can then accept an extension of 5 years on the lease, with a maximum cost of NZ$20,500 (US$12,596) per year.
4. The building was last sold in 2021 for NZ$165,000 (US$101,384) and has had a covered deck, shower, and small kitchenette added to the property.
5. The last time it was sold was at the highest point for property prices in Whanganui. Properties have since fallen approximately 10-15% in value since early 2022, although there has been a slow uptick in recent months. Interest rates are also at their highest point in a decade.
6. We are attempting to buy the property outright without a mortgage, but this means we will not be offering exceptionally high.
7. We will also not be buying it as an investment, so we will be offering under what others might if they expected to get rent out of it. We are simply praying there are no other offers.
8. Our church has grown to the point that we are frequently struggling for space, especially for the children’s ministries. At the moment, we have to combine children’s ministries and creche ministries (nursery) into the same small room. If we could buy the building, we would increase our usable area by 30%. We could have a creche (nursery) and a Sunday school room.
9. We have nearly enough money in savings to offer the previous sale price, but I think that outside of God working a miracle (not discounting that at all), that may not be enough to entice a sale. This is where I make my appeal.
a. Please pray. This is the single most needful thing. God is able to turn hearts and circumstances to our favour.
b. Please consider a pledge to assist. I will be asking our church to dig deep. I also ask if there is money set aside for special missions projects that you would consider us at this time, especially with the exchange rate at the moment, where every US$1,000 is NZ$1,600. The wording of pledge is specific, as we will offer subject to finances, and if the offer is not accepted, we would not ask you to fulfill those pledges.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

In Christ’s love,

Nick, Beth, Abby, and Zack Watt

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