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Nick and Beth Watt Prayer Letter: Continued Blessings

Nick and Beth Watt Prayer Letter: Continued BlessingsHow do the years fly by so quickly? Thank you for your faithfulness in supporting our ministry here in Whanganui. We have seen continued blessings, and we praise the Lord for His faithfulness.

Youth Ministry

Our year ended with our highest attendance ever for teen discipleship, consistently having 13 teens in attendance. We have already had more than that as the new school year has begun. The dates for our teen activities have been planned, and our first one has been completed. It is great to see the group of young people growing in number and in their walk with God.

New Home

Thank you so much for your prayers towards our getting a new home. How we came to purchase the home that we did is a long story, but I can say that God’s hand was evident in every step. Faith is easier in hindsight! We really appreciate your prayers for our situation. A simple way to talk of the blessing is in purely monetary terms. Of the five houses we put offers on while trying to buy a new house, all but the one we purchased sold for $30,000–$50,000 more than the asking price, which was far more than we could afford. We were blessed to buy this property for $30,000 less than the asking price. The area is greater. The house is bigger. It has a lot of storage, and I am already starting renovation work to build myself an office. God is so very good.

Prayer Requests

Capacity Expansion: It sounds strange initially, but, Pastors, you will understand. The ministry is growing, and we have more people wanting to serve. This is great, and I am very excited. However, I am also aware that this requires me to step up in organization, facilitation, mentoring, and other aspects of the role. I am working on processes, plans, procedures, policies, and prayer this year.

Bible Institute: Beth is teaching her first class for the New Zealand Baptist Bible Training Programme this year. She will be teaching Basic Grammar. While excited, she would also covet your prayers for the endeavour.

Building: Our children’s ministry is growing, and we need extra space. The easiest way to accomplish this would be to purchase the building we are currently meeting in. The current owner wants far too much for the building, essentially wanting us to pay out the remainder of our ten-year lease and pay for the cost of the building. God can change this though.

Souls to Be Saved: We were out yesterday and met two men who were really wanting to know more about Christ. There is so much confusion in this world that both, in their different ways, were hindered by cultural issues. I intend to follow up with them, and both have different ways I can engage with them in the community, but there is no quick solution to their issues. We need more time with them!

In Christ’s love,

Nick, Beth, Abby, and Zack Watt

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