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Caleb and Emily Christiansen



Caleb Birthday 06/22
Emily Birthday 04/20
Caleb & Emily Wedding Anniversary 08/18
Emma Birthday 05/11
Lydia Birthday 03/25

Caleb’s Testimony:

I had the great privilege to be born into a faithful pastor’s home. I grew up in a godly, Christian environment being exposed to the Gospel at a young age. I was saved as a six-year-old boy when after a junior church service I realized that I wasn’t saved even though I was the Pastor’s son. I went to my father’s office between the morning and evening service and asked my father how I could go to Heaven. He showed me straight from the Bible how to be saved and I received Jesus Christ as my Saviour that day.

Emily’s Testimony:

I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Maine, and I am a fourth-generation ‘Mainiac’. I was given the privilege of growing up in a good godly home, where my family attended church anytime the doors were open.

At the age of 5, I made a profession of faith, but I was not truly saved until the age of 14. I struggled with doubts about my salvation for many months until a Wednesday night in September of 2008 after teen soul-winning. I humbled myself by going to my youth pastor, and in his office, I settled my salvation.

I experienced a burden for missions from a very young age as we had missionaries regularly stay in our home. Getting to know missionaries on a personal level and being able to see their love for the Saviour and heart to reach the world impacted me greatly as I grew up. I was called to preach as a teenager and went to Hyles-Anderson College to train for the ministry not sure where in the world the Lord wanted me to serve. However, as I continued my training I became convinced that God wanted me to serve as a missionary and as time went on I became even more convinced that God was calling me to serve in Nigeria.

It was an amazing thing when I first started dating Emily, who would become my wife. I told her at the very beginning of our relationship that I would be going to Nigeria to serve as a missionary, and she revealed to me that she had the desire to be a missionary in Africa since she was a little girl. I was so awed that God would bring into my life a helpmeet with a vision so much like my own.

God has been so good in calling us to Nigeria. He has prepared both of us by allowing us to serve in soul winning and bus ministry from when we were young. God has given us both unique opportunities preparing us for Nigeria. God allowed me to work with our missions agency, Fundamental Baptist Missions International, for 7 years as a volunteer, intern, and staff member giving me invaluable insights and training on the work missions. Also, my wife had the opportunity to work in the medical field after graduating from Bible college giving her great skills and knowledge that will assist us once on the field.

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Caleb and Emily Christiansen Prayer Letter: Furlough

Caleb and Emily Christiansen Prayer Letter: FurloughThank you to everyone who has prayed for us as we transitioned back to the U.S. for our first furlough. This has been Lydia’s longest time in the U.S. Even as young as she is, she has had her own forms of culture shock. The cold weather was definitely an adjustment. There was about a 70-degree temperature difference from when we left Nigeria to when we arrived in the U.S. We had snow the day after we landed, and Emma enjoyed playing in it, but Lydia, not so much. 😊

Thank you to everyone who has continued to pray for Emily’s health. She is definitely improving, and we are grateful that she has more good days than bad days. Please pray as we continue to work to improve her health as time goes on.

We have enjoyed being with our sending church at the beginning of our furlough, as well as having some unexpected opportunities. Near our area, there has been a large influx of refugees from various African countries. It has been great finding people close to where we serve even far from our field. We have been able to give the Gospel to many of these refugees. We have been privileged to see several saved and come to church.

Our most recent church plant, Salem Independent Baptist Church, had its opening service on May 5! They had 22 attend the opening service, and the pastor has been seeing people saved every week. Thank you to everyone who prayed; please continue to pray for this young church and pastor in these early days as they grow and continue to preach the Gospel.

Please pray, as we will be traveling to the Midwest to report to some supporting churches and to see some family. Please also pray for Nigeria, as the economy there continues to worsen. The price of many basic foods has increased three times since we have been on furlough. This is causing a lot of hardship for the people in our churches.

We just had updated prayer cards made! If any of you would like some, please let me know, and we can send you what you need. Thank you all so much for your prayers. We are very aware that so much of what we do is made possible by your prayers and your support.

That all the world may know,

Caleb Christiansen

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Opening Sunday for Salem Independent Baptist Church



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